Rigid N95 Masks

If you’re regularly in the public view, or just want something that sets you apart from the crowd, our selection of 3D printed masks may be what you’re looking for. Our masks all use Honeywell brand N95 replacement pre-filters, and are easily cleanable with a damp-rag and soap.


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The newest addition to our product linup are the rigid-body 3D printed respirators. Created from organic, food-safe plastics, these masks are easily cleansed, and when coupled with the Honeywell N95 pre-filters, provide the a level of medical protection.

These masks are based on designs approved for clinical use by the NIH.

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KN95 Disposable Masks


These are fully certified KN95 disposable masks, suitable for use in a medical setting or any place where a re-usuable mask isn’t permitted or practical. Bulk orders are available.

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These face masks are handmade by us! There are a wide variety of options available for purchase, including N95 and custom fabrics.

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These 3D printed respirators are created by us for additional protection, and will fit standard 2″ 3M brand replaceable N95 filters!

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If you need additional protection, or are in a position where a face mask may not be practical, face shields are a good accessory to have on hand.

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