Reusable Cloth Masks

Safety doesn’t need to be boring. We’ve created a wide range of masks with varying degrees of protection, all hand-crafted here in Texas. Our masks come in various sizes, protection levels, and designs.


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Our masks come in a variety of protection levels and designs.

From simple 2-ply cotton masks, to 5-ply cotton / N95 level protection, we have a variety of patterns and options to suit your particular need.


How do I know if I need a basic cloth mask or one with N95-level protection?

A simple 2-ply cloth mask provides minimal protection, but is easily sanitized (can be hand washed relatively easily). They’re not suitable for usage in high-risk environments, but can be more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

A cloth mask with the N95 filters, on the other hand, are easily reusable, but cannot be handwashed without damaging the filter material.  The N95 filtered material is heavier, and can provide more insulation (which will make it warmer to wear in hot weather), but provides a great deal more protection in high-risk environments.

How do I sanitize these masks?

The 2-ply cotton masks can be handwashed (or machine washed with delicates). 

The NIH has guidelines for sanitizing N95 filtered materials, which includes exposure to UV lights for extended periods, or exposure to vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide.

Have other questions? We’re happy to add to this list, just ask us!

Gallery of our Masks

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