Filtered and washable

Handmade Face Masks

The CDC now strongly recommends that everyone wear facial protection at all times. We researched a variety of options, based on the suggestions from various health organizations, came up with a few designs that will help you protect yourself or others during this period of quarantine and social distancing.


Cloth Mask: $25

Cloth Masks (w and w/o filters)

$15-25 each

These hand-made cloth masks are made in the US and come with our without N95 filter inserts, based on your preference. The N95 inserts prevent it from being washable, but will provide greater protection (and is still sanitizable).

Disposable KN95 Masks

$7.00 each

These are fully certified KN95 disposable masks, suitable for use in a medical setting or any place where a re-usuable mask isn’t permitted or practical. Bulk orders are available.

Face shields

$4 each

These face shields are medical grade and FDA approved. Anti-saliva to protect the face, eyes and nose. It is versatile, lightweight and comfortable. Suitable for various head types: Comfortable to wear, no stress, no inconvenience when bending down or bowing your head.

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